"Hands down the best mod for my ATV"


The ULTIMATE accessory.

In Memory of Mikal Wersland


THE throttlemaxx family:

You can position your foot just about any way you like. From the normal position, to all the way back, it seems to allow the driver considerable flexibility in accelerate or pedal control and ergonomic comfort.

Honda Pioneer owner

Couldn't wait! Took less than 3 minutes to install! My foot now sits almost flat on the floor, very little pressure is needed on the throttle! I'm sold on it! Can't wait for the wife to try it! Quick delivery, made in the USA, and fit and finish is top notch!

Arctic Cat Prowler owner

"Wife and I went for a 40 miles 5 hour ride at Royal Blue and I hit some of the rougher trails. The ThrottleMaxx worked as expected not once did my foot slip off trying to feather the gas over big rocks. I was also able to change foot position considerably for whatever felt comfortable given the situation.

Honda Pioneer owner

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